The Peer Gynt Play at Gålå 2021

By a lake, between forests and steep mountains in the Gudbrandsdalen valley, you can experience Norways most famous folk tale in a spectacular outdoor theatre production. The dramatic poem «Peer Gynt» is staged all over the world, but it was here that Ibsen found his inspiration.

Peer Gynt på Gålå 2019 (Foto: Bård Gundersen)

The all new Peer Gynt at Gålå

At water’s edge of a lake between the woods and steep mountains in the Gudbrands valley, one hour north of Lillehammer, you can experience Norway’s most well-known folktale in a spectacular outdoor theater. The dramatic play “Peer Gynt”, by Henrik Ibsen, is known around the world, but it is here in the Gudbrands valley that Ibsen found his inspiration.

Marit Moum Aune who has put together her dream team of artists, actors and ballet dancers- with scenography by Snøhetta- an international architectural, landscaping and interior-design firm.

Snøhetta, renowned amongst other things for the design for the Opera House in Oslo and the National Library in Egypt, has designed a spectacular set with a water mirror which stretches from the audience and out over lake Gålå. Snøhetta’s ambition is that the scenes will enhance the landscape as an important element, as well as giving the audience a stronger attachment to the play– a feeling of being in the middle of it all.

-“We wish that the beautiful surroundings should have a larger role. Together with Snøhetta and one of Norway’s foremost set designers, Even Børsum, we will bring the Gålå lake closer to the audience. This produces enormous visual possibilities”, says Moum Aune

In this production, the surroundings will play a vital role in the play; since the location is so unique. Peer Gynt is actually based upon a local, Peer Gynt, who lived in the Gudbrand’s valley. After an inspirational journey through Norway in 1862, Ibsen wrote to his publisher in Denmark:

“If it could interest you to know, Peer Gynt is an actual person, who lived in Gudbrand valley, most likely in the end of the last or beginning of this century. His name is still well-known amongst the locals up there.”

This year’s interpretation of nature’s role

In Ibsen’s play, Peer Gynt, we meet a Norway characterized by changes, deep divisions of class, poverty and an enormous wave of emigration. The country is in the middle of a process to find its own identity. In this relentless society, Peer grows up; in an environment characterized by religion, rules and a “village mentality” which make life difficult for Peer.

-“Nature plays a vital role in this production. We try to portray how these powers effect Peer Gynt by using nature as a mirror to his thoughts. What is it that fuels his battle to avoid becoming one of the masses- why does he choose the path less traveled? How does nature mirror this battle, both in Ibsen’s words and in the environment? These are the questions we try to answer.”, says Marit Moum Aune

Peer Gynt will be playing at Gålå on the 23., 24., 25., 28., 29., 30. and 31. of July, and on the 1., 2., 4., 5., 6. and 8. of August 2021. 

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