Peer Gynt for an international audience

The outdoor theatre production of “Peer Gynt” at Gålå is well suited for an international audience through introductions, summary booklets and audio guides.

On the outdoor stage by lake Gålåvatnet, Henrik Ibsen’s «Peer Gynt» is performed with music inspired by Edvard Grieg’s original stage play music. The theme is universal, and accompanied by Norwegian drama, music and nature, the play will engage and entertain guests from all over the world.

The play is performed in Peer Gynt’s birthplace, where the stories about him come from: In the mountains of the Gudbrandsdalen valley. “Peer Gynt” is one of Norway’s top dramas, and is central in the cultural history.

Ibsen wrote «Peer Gynt» in Norwegian, and the theatre play is performed in Ibsen’s native language. However, the audience does not need to understand every word of the play to follow the story. The performance is well suited for an international audience through introductions, summary booklets and audio guides.

For a worldwide audience: Introduction and summary booklet in english

English and German introductions are held at the venue one hour before every show. Guests will be able to learn more about the connection between «Peer Gynt» and the Gudbrandsdalen valley, facts about the theatre play, and listen to a short summary.

Guests can also follow the drama through text and pictures from every scene with the summary booklet. You can download the summary booklet here and read it in advance, or print it and bring it to the theatre. The booklet is also available for purchase at the venue. Be aware that it will get dark in the theatre venue when the sun goes down, and it can be difficult to read the summary booklet.

At the entrance of the theatre venue you can rent audio guides in English and German. The audio guide automatically plays a short summary before every scene, so that you can follow the story without taking your eyes off the stage. The audio guide is very easy to use, and the helpdesk staff will show you how it works.

Peer Gynt quoteI didn’t know what to expect and since I don’t speak Norwegian I assumed I would be confused. But it was an amazing production and I could understand the emotions the cast was conveying even if I didn’t understand their words. Peer Gynt quote2
Feedback from international guest to Peer Gynt

Peer Gynt quoteHaving an English audio summary of each scene was extremely helpful and a great way of including non-Norwegian speakers. Peer Gynt quote2
Feedback from international guest to Peer Gynt