Travel to Peer Gynt’s kingdom

The Peer Gynt Festival is located in the Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen region and is easily accessible by car and public transportation.

Festival bus in the Gudbrandsdalen valley

The Peer Gynt Festival offers a festival bus to the theatre play «Peer Gynt» at Gålå. The bus departs from Lillehammer every day, stopping in Øyer (Hafjell) and Gausdal (Skei) before the theatre venue by lake Gålåvatnet. The bus travels over the Peer Gynt road, which is a mountain road through Peer Gynt’s kingdom, offering scenic sights on the way to the theatre play.

Return to Lillehammer by bus on the same route immediately after the theatre play.

Time schedule, prices and registration will be available spring 2020.

By bus

There are daily express bus departures to the festival area from Oslo Bus Terminal, Trondheim Central Station and Bergen Bus Terminal, operated by Nor-Way Bussekspress or Nettbuss.

Travel by bus from Oslo Bus Terminal and Oslo Airport to Lillehammer, Gudbrandsdalen valley and Vinstra. Nettbuss has connecting routes between Oslo and Måløy on the West coast, travelling via Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen valley. Lavprisekspressen departs from Oslo and travels via Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen to Trondheim. Travel time from Oslo Airport to Vinstra is approximately 3 hours, and around 3,5 hours from Oslo Busterminal.

Buses depart daily from Trondheim Central Station (Trondheim S) via Vinstra, Gudbrandsdalen valley and Lillehammer to Oslo. The journey by bus from Trondheim Central Station to Vinstra will take approximately 4-5 hours.

Traveling by bus from Måløy, there are daily departures via Vinstra, Gudbrandsdalen valley and Lillehammer to Oslo. Travel time from Måløy to Vinstra is approximatelt 6,5 hours.

There are also daily departures from Bergen to Lillehammer. Approximate travel time between Bergen and Lillehammer is 9 hours.

By train

The closest railway station to the Peer Gynt festival is Vinstra, and the trains are operated by the Norwegian State Railways (NSB). From Oslo Central Station (Oslo S), Intercity trains to Lillehammer depart every hour.

There are daily train departures from Oslo Central Station and Trondheim Central Station. Approximate travel time from Oslo Central Station to Vinstra is 2-3,5 hours, and travel time from Trondheim Central Station to Vinstra is approximately 4-5 hours

Most hotels can arrange to pick you up at the station.

By airplane

The closest airport to Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen is Oslo Airport, Gardermoen. There are almost 150 direct routes to Norway’s biggest airport from all over the world.

All the major rental car companies are situated at Oslo Airport.

By car

From Lillehammer to Gålå:

  • The fastest route from Lillehammer to Gålå is to follow E6 towards Trondheim, for about 72 kilometres, and at Harpefoss, turn left on Gålåvegen and follow Gålåvegen and the signs to Peer Gynt forestillingen.
  • The most scenic route between Lillehammer and Gålå is the Peer Gynt Road. This is a toll road through 67 kilometres of mountain landscape. Follow E6 towards Trondheim for 3,8 kilometres, and turn right towards Skei at Fv255. Turn right at Rv254 Østringsvegen. Turn left after 10 kilometres on Skeisvegen/Peer Gynt vegen. Follow Peer Gynt vegen to Gålå, and follow the signs to «Peer Gynt-forestillingen».

From south and Oslo to Gålå:

  • Travelling from the south through Oslo, follow the E6 towards Trondheim via Hamar to Lillehammer (191 kilometres, 2,5 hours), Ringebu (238 kilometres, 3 hours 10 min) and Vinstra (261 kilometres, 3,5 hours).

From north and Trondheim:

  • If you travel from the north through Trondheim, follow the E6 towards Oslo via Dombås to Vinstra (274 kilometres, 3 hours 50 min), Ringebu (285 kilometres, 4 hours 10 min) and Lillehammer (339 kilometres, 5 hours 10 min).

From west and Bergen:

  • From the west through Bergen, the fastest route to Vinstra is through Lillehammer and Ringebu (517 kilometres, 7,5 hours). Follow E16 from Bergen towards Oslo, past Fagernes and turn left on Rv33 towards Dokka. After 38 kilometres turn left on RV250 towards Lillehammer. After 45 kilometres turn left on E6 towards Lillehammer, and after 7,5 kilometres you are in Lillehammer. Follow the route described earlier from Lillehammer to Gålå.
  • The most scenic route between Bergen and Vinstra (485 kilometres, approximately 8 hours) can be found following the E16 towards Fagernes, turn left and follow Rv51 over Valdresflye National Tourist route. After 49 kilometres of mountain landscape, turn right on Rv257 Heidalsvegen, towards Sjoa. Turn right on the E6 towards Oslo, and after 20 kilometres you will reach Vinstra.


The volunteers at the festival events will assign a parking spot for you at the venue. There are parking spots for cars, motorcycles and camper vans as well as buses. Make sure to bring cash for parking at the Peer Gynt Festival venues (NOK 50).

Kvamsfjellet mountain and the mountain concert

The fastest route from Lillehammer to Kvamsfjellet is to follow E6 towards Trondheim, for about 91 kilometres, and at Kvam turn right to «Kvernvegen» and after 700 meters, take left to FV419 and follow the signs to «Peer Gynt konsert». Parking at assigned spots below Rondablikk Høgfjellshotell (fee 50 NOK).