What to wear

What should you wear when you attend a festival in the Norwegian mountains? Find out what to pack before you leave for the Peer Gynt Festival events.

The temperature and weather conditions in Norway vary through the day, and specially in the mountains. Make sure to check the weather forecast before you leave, so that you can pack according to the weather. Your hotel can provide you with information about the weather on the different Peer Gynt Festival arenas.

Both the theatre production of Peer Gynt at Gålå and the mountain concert by Rondane National Park are outdoor events that you should pack extra clothes for. The theatre play is performed in the evening, and you should pack an extra layer of clothes for the last part of the theatre.

A warm hat and gloves could also come in handy for an evening in Norway. The mountain concert is performed in the afternoon, but as you sit in the heather it could get cold. Bringing warm and water-resistant shoes will also keep you warm day and night.

The Peer Gynt Festival also arranges guided hiking trips and other outdoor events, where you also have to make sure to bring the right shoes for the activities, an extra layer of wool and a wind or waterproof jacket. You should also pack gloves and a hat for windy weather.

Temperature and layers

When you visit the Peer Gynt Festival in august, it is important to bring both light clothes and warm clothes.

For a day with varying Norwegian temperatures, pack clothes of wool to stay warm. As wool breathes you will not be too hot during the afternoon, and not too cold in the evening. Pack an extra layer for wool if you are going hiking in the mountains, or when you leave for the cultural events during the Peer Gynt Festival.

The best way to stay warm is to dress with a layer of wool, additional layers of warm clothes and a wind and waterproof jacket.

Pack extra clothes

A good Norwegian saying is: There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. Make sure to pack according to weather and activity, and always bring extra clothes as the weather changes quickly. Staying warm will also give you the best possible experience of the Peer Gynt Festival events.

Seating on the venues

At the theatre production of Peer Gynt by lake Gålåvatnet there are wooden benches. Make sure to bring a piece of clothing or a sit-mat for more comfort, as the theatre play lasts for approximately three hours. Something to sit on will help you stay warm during the second half of the theatre, as the sun goes down. You can purchase a folding sit-mat from the souvenir shop at the festival venue.

At the outdoor concert by Rondane National Park you can purchase a seat on benches in front of the stage, or choose to sit in the heather. For the benches you could bring a sit-mat for more comfort. If you choose to sit in the heather you can bring a small folding-chair, a sit-mat or simply sit on your jacket.